Battery Power


In my project I was trying to find out what battery lasts the longest. I will also try to determine if the cost of the battery has anything to do with the power it has.


I think the Duracell battery will last the longest. I also believe that the more expensive the battery the longer it will last.


paper, wires, stop watch, battery holders, metal connectors, computer, light bulbs, and graph paper. Batteries - Duracell, Everready, Energizer, and BA 30 "Army batteries."

Research/Sources of Information

I researched on how a battery produces electricity. The battery is a dry cell. A chemical reaction between the electrolyte and the zinc electrode helps produce electricity.


  • Electrodes - The negative or positive part of an electric cell.
  • Electrolyte - A liquid or moist substance that conducts electricity.
  • Dry Cell - An electrical cell that has a moist electrolyte.
  • Terminal - The negative or positive end of an electrolyte.


I experimented by testing the power of four different brands of batteries. I did this by hooking up the batteries to a light bulb. I then kept track of the length of time each bulb stayed lit. I tested two batteries from each of the four brands.


After the testing was completed the following results were recorded: The Duracell battery lasted the longest, 101 hours and 20 minutes; Energizer battery, second, 99 hours and 17 minutes; Eveready battery, third, 28 hours and 30 minutes, and last but not least was the BA 30 batteries, 25 hours ad 58 minutes.


I thought the Duracell battery would last the longest. I guessed right! It was two hours and 3 minutes longer than the Energizer. I also determined that the cost of the battery does relate to the amount of battery power.


How did I come up with my project idea?

My dad and I were getting ready to go on a boundary waters canoe trip and we were debating on what kind of batteries to purchase for our flashlights. We wanted ones with a lot of power. So I thought that would be a good science fair experiment.

What did I learn from my experiment?

I learned that science fair projects are a lot of hard work. The most powerful battery of the four I tested was Duracell. It also was the most expensive.

How close were my hypothesis and conclusion?

I guessed that Duracell would last the longest and I was right. It was also the most expensive.

Did I learn anything new from my project?

Yes I learned through this experiment that if you buy a more expensive battery you get a more powerful battery.

What was the most interesting part of my project?

It was when my hypothesis and conclusion matched.

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