Solar Science Kit

Discover the principles of photovoltaic, turning light into electricity. 

  • Solar Cell (photovoltaic)
  • Disc with Diffraction Foil
  • Motor
  • and instruction sheet.

You've seen the satellites with their solar panels stretched out like giant wings. Perhaps you have seen photos of the futuristic looking solar powered cars as they sweep across the land in one of the many solar car races. Maybe you have noticed the emergency call boxes springing up along the highway, with the solar panel on top silently powering the communications equipment. Solar cells also called photovoltaic cells are finding their way into thousands of uses world wide. 

Solar Science Kit

This kit is an economical introduction to photovoltaic, also known as PV. Photovoltaic means light to electricity. The solar science kit contains a PV cell and high efficiency motor. Connect the 2 wires of the motor to the 2 posts on the PV cell, expose the PV cell to a bright light, and like magic the motor comes to life! We have included a disc with diffraction foil for a vivid display. 

Also included in the solar science kit is an informative solar info sheet, packed with ideas for science projects. It includes examples of some of the many uses of PV, other uses of solar energy such as heating and cooking and additional sources of in depth information.

Recommended for ages 9 and older.

Weight: 0 lb 3 oz ( 0.09 kg )

Science Project Ideas:

If you are using this kit for your science project, these are some project ideas you may use.

1. How does the angle of light affect the amount of electricity produced by a solar panel.

2. How does the light exposed surface of a solar panel affect the amount of electricity?

3. Which color light produces more electricity?

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